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& Food


& Food

HIKARI & Food is not just a restaurant in downtown Malmö, it is also a unique meeting-place for people who are interested in well-being through food and community - a concept which also extends to organizations and conference guests. The restaurant serves nutritious and delicious buffé-style lunches, that are developed in partnership with HIKARI ambassadors and guests. See the weekly menu by clicking on the graphic above. HIKARI & Food also offers seminars and information sessions about diet and health with guest lectures and expert advice related to HIKARI's philosophy.


Restaurant & Café

HIKARI & Food has become a popular lunch restaurant and café at Betaniaplan 4 in Malmö. As of October 11, 2016, breakfast is also served! 

With a welcoming outdoor terrace and homey atmosphere, you can enjoy a well-prepared and thought-out menu - and perhaps even meet new friends who are, just like you, interested in the power of wellbeing. 

HIKARI & Food honors that the well-being linked to food is both about what you eat, how you eat, when you eat and in what type of environment. 

See HIKARI's Facebook page for the latest opening hours and menu! 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Conference and Training facilities

Hikari offers the possibility to book conference, training and party rooms in the building on Betaniaplan 4 in Malmö. The premises are suitable for conferences, lectures, parties, weddings and various training activities. And the best of all? The restaurant is in the same building! Contact us at for more information and to book your next event.


Meeting Place

HIKARI offers a large network of heart-centered experts and exciting knowledge about wellbeing. Jointly, we are spreading positive life tools for a healthier world - a process that starts on the inside of each individual.  

We welcome you to be part of HIKARI's community around wellness. We hope you will find a joyous way to participate - by coming to our restaurant, by contributing to the dialogue and by coming to our workshops, seminars and meetings. You will meet people from all HIKARI's areas - Food, Sport, Outdoor, Business, and Life, as well as from HIKARI Do. Together we learn from each other and from HIKARI's network of experts in areas such as Food as Medicine, True Wellbeing, Kids and Youth Sports Activities, Mental Skill for Elite Athletes, pioneering approach to Autism and other Cognitive Challenges, Meditation and Mindfulness. Read more about HIKARI's training and workshops.

See you soon!