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& Life


& Life

HIKARI & Life offers classes and lectures for mental and physical skills. The topics address various aspects of being human. You learn to work as a whole, both at work and at home. With various life tools you will soon notice an inner calm, balance and a freer mind. 

Your best bet is to start with a consultation with a Certified HIKARI & Life Trainer™. Please contact us at if you are interested to find out more!


Life Tool: Mental skills

Stress is the most common cause of sick leave in Sweden. The American Psychology Association has named stress as the basis of more than 60% of all illness in humans. Stress along with destructive mental patterns has become a new epidemic

HIKARI & Life offers you the life tools you need to manage everything from everyday stress to better navigate big, overwhelming life events. With these mental life tools from HIKARI, you will learn how to make friends with your ego, your emotions and your heart. 




Life Tool: Physical skills

Being physically fit is not first and foremost about running marathons or climbing Mount Everest. It is in our every day that we all want to feel physically capable to have a wonderful life. 

HIKARI & Life offers classes about how our mental realm relates to our physical. We learn about body awareness and the right focus for a functioning body. 

For those with a sports team, HIKARI & Sport can also be of interest! This way of integrating HIKARI, the potential of wellbeing, can be done in any kind of sports activity. 


Life Tool: Fuel

We all know that it is important to eat right. But how can we do it without it being bland and boring? We no longer count calories as our only way to get the right amount of fuel for our bodies. We now know that how we eat, what we eat, when we eatthe environment in which we eat, how our food is grown and produced, all play a big role in how to best fuel our bodies.