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& Sport


& Sport

HIKARI & Sports is a method that can be implemented in any kind of sport activity. With HIKARI, anyone who is exercising a sport can live up to his or her full potential - through mindfulness, joy and discipline. 

Did you know that studies indicate that 62% of children and adolescents who practice a sport with competitive elements experience performance anxiety? At a too early age, the child will learn that "your value is in your accomplishments". This fact takes away the joy and creativity of the activity and greatly reduces the youngster's potential in life - and it is moreover counterproductive; their performance gets worse, not better. 

Please contact us if you want to implement HIKARI in your team!


All Sports

Sport in Sweden has millions of practitioners of different ages. Unfortunately, competitions and a too-harsh "win or die" attitude have young children defined by what they are performing. Their wellbeing and inner nature have become secondary. Instead of joy, seeds of destructive feelings have been sown that spread to other areas of life. 

HIKARI's aim is to raise awareness among leaders in the Swedish sports movement (and beyond), aiming at getting the leaders to primarily work with the young person's wellbeing and inner natural power. Only then can their full potential be expressed - even as it relates to competitive performance. 



Soccer is the biggest sport in Sweden and reaches hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers each year. Soccer has a large base that can choose to focus on the soft values and the individual's intrinsic potential - as a human being. HIKARI is actively working to educate soccer managers and players so that they can spread natural wellbeing within and outside their sport.


Martial Arts

Swedish and international martial arts has its roots in an Eastern ancient wisdom and its approach to competition. As such, martial arts has inherently offered benefits of wellbeing and connection to our inner powers. As time has gone by, many martial arts practitioners have let competition and results take over, missing the point of what makes a great martial arts master. Drawing upon this wisdom, HIKARI's goal is that people involved in martial arts find their way back to its origin with the help of HIKARI's life tools.