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About Us


About Us

HIKARI is a movement for wellbeing and it is a network of enthusiasts. HIKARI was founded and is expanding with the vision that all people - regardless of background, culture, religion or body type - will experience its natural state of wellbeing, and thereby achieve their full potential. 

Under the umbrella HIKARI you will find many different programs, courses and lectures - and also find that it serves as an inspiring addition of wellbeing to different sports, businesses, schools and organizations. HIKARI has developed innovative programs with very successful results for our sisters and brothers with functional challenges called HIKARI Do - an area that constantly evolves. 

HIKARI means "light" in Japanese. This is the way we like to describe our inherent potential. With HIKARI we train ourselves to cope with stressful situations, difficult meetings and hard feelings with our light intact. Unlike mindfulness, HIKARI teaches non-judgmental presence while adding an external "pressure", which includes the art of maintaining focus regardless of the situation. We train ourselves to see destructive patterns with healthy eyes. An outcome of training HIKARI is that you learn how to read, "becoming one", with other people and can feel their intentions and their next move. The order is very clear; first you get to connect with yourself in presence, then you'll be able to connect with others, and connect with the world. Although HIKARI initially was developed from martial arts and Eastern philosophies, HIKARI can be implemented in sports, business organizations or any modern situation. 

In the HIKARI network, you will find both experts and certified instructors, all HIKARI Certified Instructors™. Based on their areas of expertise and passion, they select themselves in which forum they choose to spread HIKARI and wellbeing in the world. 


Said About Hikari

You (HIKARI Do certified trainers) are incredibly good on the physical side but also the inner well-being; the clear difference with you is that you actually practice it and not just talk about it, only those exercises you done with our children and adolescents is incredibly appreciated and fulfilling! 

- Evaluation of personnel, Region Skåne Children and Youth Habilitation 


With HIKARI various life tools, our management have received professional help, which opened up how important it is to be consciously present and be in a good place within yourself when you have management positions and working with people. HIKARI & Sport has also helped our company over the years with pleasing and well-being wellness efforts of our staff. We owe much to the HIKARI concept for our well-being, which in turn has given much to our success. 

- CCM Spedition AB (Company of the Year in Burlöv 2012) 


Had people been more like the HIKARI ambassadors, our lives had been much better. You possess a calm that few have. You are positive and seeking solution to everything. I always feel calm when I am with you. I hope that there where more people like you in the world.  

- Fredric D. Former gang member now a model citizen 


Thank you for a very good session and introduction. Our adolescents need lot of positive energy to catch their attention and then you have to be able to judge between structure and have a good and permissive climate. I thought that the HIKARI instructor handled the balancing perfectly! We will contact you again for the spring semester and I take the liberty of enclosing my colleague in this email that was interested in your business for another group. 

- Jonas Oskarsson psychologist 


I have never experienced so much joy in my life. I believe in HIKARI. For me it felt like a real eye opener, especially when I have had similar thoughts and feelings that there is something out there and on the inside but could not put my finger on where/how it fits together. It felt like a lot of the pieces just fell into place, a real “aha moment” and I cannot thank you enough!!! As I think most people are wondering about things like this, but do not know how the pieces fuse together, I believe that being more aware helps you have a real insight and can see yourself and others in a new way (Positive). For me, it had led to that I have new goals (get rid of fears, ego, etc.) which I see as really exciting and fun challenge in life and if nothing else, makes it me to be a better and harmonious human. THANK YOU! 

- Richard Alvin athletes 


I think HIKARI takes the edge off stress and anxiety and gives you energy and a calm that lightens up life. 

- Rainer Holmgren. Director  


Even when I arrived in Hallaskog and Hikari camp, a calm appeared in the body. The idyllic natural environment, the fresh air and the community made me feel warm inside. We played football, canoeing, meditated and practiced Hikari's life tools together, both adults and children. In the background one could hear the tones of relaxation music that was played, this made me even calmer and I felt great! The food we were served was really good and we got lots of fruits. Really good leaders and nice children/young people made my stay a wonderful memory and I hope to do this again. 

- Hamed Salama. Politician and Social worker. Parent of Noah  


HIKARI has opened up the way for many individuals to a healthier lifestyle with increased well-being as a result. I have in my professional role through the years seen a positive development in both adults and children who trained HIKARI's various life tools. That opened up the way for a healthier lifestyle and greater well-being. In a difficult time in my life, HIKARI was a great help to get perspective and it got me back on my feet – which for I'm very grateful 

- Mary Hahighi psychologist


To me it is obvious that HIKARI helps everyone. They teach us how to get more value in our lives and help young adults to find peace and fell secure in themselves but also to be able to express their own thoughts seems to mean a great deal. Which in my experience is importent to all of us. The awareness of feeling as one with other people, animals and the nature. To not see other as something strange or frightening rather than just as a part of yourself. Togetherness is one of the things I feel that all people are looking for and need to make us feel loved. Get an understanding of the meaning of your world. Feeling that you can create what you want and that everything is possible. HIKARI is a wonderful tool to gain more awareness of the unconscious. 

- Jonathan Gebru coach


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