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For Organizations

If you come from any type of organization, you are in a unique position to create positive change in the world! You have the opportunity to influence yourself and your staff's wellbeing at work, which is also spreading outside the work place: in your personal life, family, friends and others around you. You also have the opportunity to support other organizations and networks such as HIKARI to ensure that even more children, teenagers and adults get the opportunity to live up to their full potential. With HIKARI, they do that by connecting with and cultivating their own inherent being. 

We have been able to observe over time that those organizations/companies that are committed to helping others are the same organizations/companies that feel good and perform the best. 

We invite companies and other organizations to join HIKARI - and let HIKARI lift them. We offer different ways to collaborate. Read more below and contact us - we'd love to hear more about you and your needs.



Wellbeing at Work

HIKARI provides life tools linked to wellbeing; stress reduction, focus and presence in different areas of life. 

Stress has become an epidemic in which more than half of all sick leave is due to acute stress. 

Never have we been so distracted at work - and everywhere else in life - as right now. Our ability to focus on what is right in front of us has rapidly diminished and many employers are reporting reduced efficiency. 

HIKARI can help you get ahead in your work with both stress management and wellbeing at work. Increased wellbeing at work generates more joy, creativity and innovation. 

Contact us so we can talk about how HIKARI can become a part of your mental fitness strategies! 


Win-win Sponsorship

Imagine that your resources, your knowledge and your business can be a part of creating a better world! 

HIKARI offers different sponsorship programs: 

  • Through your support and help, we can continue to expand our business for functionally challenged children, adolescents and adults. 

  • With your support we can continue to make the critical difference to other children and young people who are in great need of positive role models, and life tools that actually works for these kids, our future professionals and policy makers. 

  • Our biggest sponsorship program is one where you are supporting our operations, and we are supporting you - through our various areas of HIKARI. 

Let us talk further about how your company can join - and take your business to new heights!      


Leadership Courses

We train the internal capacity of leaders and managers in various types of businesses and organizations. Being in a leadership position can be incredibly challenging, on many different levels. 

Once leaders have gained tools for stress reduction, they become better decision makers. The ability to focus on what is important makes for a sharp leader and great business developer. With an increased ability to be present, leaders can hear the needs of themself, of their staff, of their customers and their environment. The positive mental and physical results of our leadership training are striking - and business results automatically fall into place.