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HIKARI offers several workshops, courses and classes. Not only can you take classes in various areas of expertise such as Food as Medicine, True Wellbeing, Youth Sports, Mental Skill for Elite Athletes, pioneering approaches to Autism and other Cognitive Challenges, Meditation, Mindfulness - and many other things that will increase your joy and potential in life. 

You can also train to become a certified instructor for HIKARI, a so-called HIKARI Certified Trainer™. This certification course has three different levels; HIKARI True Wellbeing™, HIKARI State of Mind ™ and HIKARI Be the Light®. You can learn more and apply for the program below.


Workshops & Seminars

You are an important part of building HIKARI's community! We offer several different types of workshops, seminars and other types of meetings where we learn about a variety of different topics - all under HIKARI´s philosophy of wellbeing and our strong belief in everyone's inner potential. We invite lecturers and experts from HIKARI's network - and we want you to come with suggestions of interesting topics!

Please contact us at with your ideas. Workshops and seminars are continuously updated. You will get the latest information by signing up for our HIKARI Newsletter. Most of our training sessions are currently conducted in Malmö, but will soon be offered in Stockholm, Gothenburg and New York. 


For Companies & Schools

HIKARI trains entire organizations to achieve each individual's full potential and the organization's vision. Each program is unique, adapted to each organization and built on the cornerstones of HIKARI's philosophy and methods. Results range from increased collaborative skills and stress management to better health, better attendance, pain relief and less absenteeism. 

All organizations need help to break destructive patterns. External help is oftentimes effective since internal policies and hierarchies can be put aside, and gives everyone a chance to connect with presence and a sense of own truth. Only when people are present and there is a high level of awareness, can the organization truly live up to its full potential. 

Click the button below and we will send you more information. Tell us a little about your organization and what you face, so we can start the conversation based on your more specific needs. 


Certified Instructor Course

A certification to become an instructor for HIKARI takes place on three levels:  

HIKARI - True Wellbeing™ 

HIKARI - State of Mind™ 

HIKARI - Be the Light®

HIKARI is used in many different areas and each instructor choose their field of expertise: Sports, Outdoor, Life, Food, Business and/or HIKARI Do. Meditation experience and ideally some sort of experience in coaching or therapy are required before taking the certification course. 

HIKARI & Life offers meditation courses for those who want to experience the great benefits of a daily meditation practice and know the many ways to keep your conscious presence, whatever life has to offer. Meditation Courses from HIKARI & Life meets the requirement of meditation experience for the certified instructor training. As does the MBSR online course with HIKARI & Business.

When you have become a certified instructor we will help you on your path to offer your own courses in your chosen field of expertise, or to fold HIKARI in to your current business.