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HIKARI means "light" in Japanese. Our vision is to get as many people as possible to get in touch with their own natural wellbeing, their full potential, and peel away that which stands in the way of experiencing freedom and joy. We want as many people as possible to spread HIKARI's life tools and awareness in the world that surrounds them.


We work with a few different principles: 

Life – whatever we do – can only be fully experienced when we are present. Therefore, HIKARI teaches present moment awareness in all areas of activity.  

Through aware choices made in presence you achieve your (your organization, your team’s) highest potential. 

All living things belong together; nature, people, energy, relationships. A disturbance in a team therefore impacts everything / the whole.  

Awareness is the absence of destructiveness. Presence is the absence of stress.


Riksorganisationen Hikari

(The National Organisation of Hikari)


Riksorganisationen Hikari (The National Organisation of Hikari) was founded in 2011. Currently, Hikari has around 500 members, who are active participants in various operations: Hikari Do for children and young people with different functional variations, Hikari & Outdoor, Hikari & Sport, Hikari & Life, Hikari & Stressreduction program as well as Hikari Trainer Group.

Hikari works together with many others and carries out a range of projects. Those working partners, include but not limited to, Parkinsonförbundet (The Parkinson Association of Sweden), KFUM Sverige (YWCA-YMCA of Sweden), KFUM Syd (YWCA-YMCA of South Sweden), Strokeföreningen Malmö (The Stroke association of Malmö), Fryshuset, Boost, HISO Handikappidrottens Samarbetsorganisation (The collaborative organisation of sports for individuals with disabilities), the FRISKUS Group in Malmö, numerous schools in the city of Malmö and Region Skåne Barn- och ungdomshabiliteringen (The Child and Youth Rehabilitation for the region of Scania, Sweden).

Hikari's leaders and trainers have a broad range of competences and years of experiences in working with children, young adults and individuals with functional variations. In addition, Hikari also develops different operations and activities among organisations and associations. Hikari works on the development of staff groups and managers within private and public sectors.

Hikari uses proven methods and techniques that heighten awareness, which then increases well-being at both individual and organisational levels. Hikari is based on the work from established areas of psychology (e.g. mindfulness and sport psychology). Flourishing from its roots, Hikari now offers different evolving methods which are beneficial in stress management, focusing, body awareness and many more. These methods aim to break our destructive patterns and give us the possibility to reach our full potential.


Network of Experts and Ambassadors  

HIKARI is as big as the reach of our experts and ambassadors! HIKARI is not a business, rather a movement, full of enthusiasts who want to spread wellbeing and make people realize how stunning they really are.

HIKARI's programs are structured and developed by psychologists, mindfulness instructors, CEOs, teachers, coaches, - including children, teenagers, parents and those who constantly learn things in life, are part of shaping what HIKARI teaches. 

Join the movement - join HIKARI - if you want to develop your own wellbeing and be part of changing our outer world - by changing your inner world first. Explore our different areas: HIKARI & Sport, HIKARI & Outdoor, HIKARI & Life and HIKARI Do.


Swedish Parkinson Disease Association congress in Lund, spring 2018

Swedish Parkinson Disease Association congress in Lund, spring 2018

Hikari workshops 

Our vision is to get as many people as possible to get in touch with their own natural wellbeing so therefore we are spreading HIKARI in custom fitted ways so profileration will be optimized.

The municipal rankings. Ceremony at Hikari & Food's meeting in May 2016.

The municipal rankings. Ceremony at Hikari & Food's meeting in May 2016.

The Opportunities in All

HIKARI sees the opportunity in each and every one. Whatever background, culture, physical or mental condition you come from, you are welcome at HIKARI. We are always looking for enthusiasts who care about the wellbeing of people to come and join us and make a difference in the world.

Since HIKARI is a philosophy about how we can bring out the natural wellbeing in everyone, HIKARI can be implemented in any area. We are always looking for passionate ambassadors, students and teachers! Please let us know if you have new ideas for how and where Hikari can be used, if you or your company want to become involved.